Metal spraying procedures - thermal spraying

During metal spraying the melted spray additives are mostly sprayed by using compressed air, but also other spraying gases or gas flow from the heat source. The parts meet the substrate surface with a very high kinetic energy, they are deformed and the material to be sprayed is quickly cooled down on the relatively cold substrate. This results in a layer made of metal, oxides and very small intermediate spaces.

Advantages of thermal spraying

  • Almost any material can be coated/sprayed
  • The metal to be coated is not thermally changed
  • Almost any component size (independent of the basic material) can be coated
  • Excellent automation of the thermal spraying process
  • Flexible operation
  • High dimension accuracy
  • High quality standard
  • Several elements are contained within the spraying layer and can be combined (e.g. Cr, Ni, carbides etc.)


DMI Drechsler is certified in metal spraying of piston rods by Germanischer Lloyd.

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